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Virtual reality children’s party

Experience the wonderful world of the virtual reality children’s party at UP Events! At our Loods 4, we have 3 VR setups. Which have the most amazing and fun VR games to play. For example, use light swords to rhythmically work with Beat Saber or defend your castle against the invaders with a bow and arrow. Always wanted to be a cowboy who will teach the crooks a lesson? Then, armed with your virtual reality revolver, go to Springwater and learn that scum a lesson! The VR headsets are great to experience during a children’s party, and although there are ‘only’ three sets of VR, there is plenty to do for the players who are not playing at that moment. This is because there are 3 large screens that show everything that the player experiences at that moment. Are you going to help your friends or are you going secretly goin to scare them? Meanwhile, our host keeps an eye on things and ensures that everything runs smoothly.


Our children’s parties are offered in three packages, all including lemonade and a bag of chips. The content of the three packages can be found below.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. Can I bring a birthday cake myself?
    At a children’s party, yes, please bring your own plates, napkins and forks and take them home again.
  2. Can I bring other refreshments?
    No, we sell drinks and crisps. Lunch or BBQ can be ordered in advance.
  3. Are there fixed starting times?
    Yes, all activities have fixed start and end times. This way you can easily enter into a second or third activity after an activity.
  4. Can I change the number of children at a later stage?
    Yes, until seven days before the party it is no problem. Between seven days before the event and the day of the event, more children can be added (if spaces are available). The number of children that is known to us 7 days before the start of the party is also the minimum amount that we will charge.
  5. Can we organize activities ourselves?
    No, you can sit outside or inside when the children play outside. However, organizing activities yourself without explicit permission from UP Events is not permitted.
  6. How long before do I have to be present for the activity?
    We recommend to be present 15-30 minutes before the start of the activity.
  7. Is there a place to unwrap presents?
    Yes, we ensure that there is a place to sit and unwrap presents.
  8. How do we have to pay?
    Good question! When we receive your confirmation, you will receive the payment for the total amount. Make sure the total amount has been paid at least 3 days before the party! Good to know: enclosed with the invoice you will find the payment link, with which you can easily make the payment by iDeal or credit card.

Children's Party Amsterdam Hip

Kids Birthday: Hip

The kids party Hip consists of the following activities and extras:

The price of this Kids party is €22,50 incl. VAT per child (minimum of 6 kids).

Children's Party Amsterdam Hip Hip

Kids Birthday: Hip Hip

Kids party Hip Hip consists of the following activities and extras:

The price of this Kids party is €35,- incl VAT per kid. (minimum of 6 kids).

Children's Party Hip Hip Hurray

Kids Birthday: Hip Hip Hurray

The kids party Hip Hip Hurray consists of the following activities and extras:

The price of this Kids party is €45,- incl. VAT per child (minimum of 6 kids).