Children’s party HIP HIP HURRAY

Children's Party Hip Hip Hurray
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  • From 6

Children's party HIP HIP HURRAY

Children's party HIP HIP HURRAY is our most extensive children's party. The party consists of 2 activities of 1 hour. During the entire children's party there is free unlimited lemonade. The kids also get a free bag of chips.


During children's party HIP HIP HURRAY you can bring your own cake and eat it at our location. Bring your own plates and cutlery. Please also clean up after yourself. Other food and drinks are not allowed to bring your own.

Choose two of the following activities

  • Laser tag
  • Bubble football
  • Arcade games
  • Archery tag
  • Archery
  • Escape room the bunker
  • Escape room that streetgang
  • Escape challenge the wild west
  • VR game Cops and Robbers

Example program children's party HIP HIP

  • arrival
  • presents and eating cake
  • free lemonade
  • activity of your choice
  • free bag of chips and lemonade
  • activity of your choice
  • free lemonade

How about something delicious for your children’s party?

Kids lunch

€10,00 pp

  • Luxury chicken fillet sandwich
  • Luxury cheese sandwich
  • Fresh hand fruit
  • Unlimited lemonade

Kids menu

€9,50 pp

  • Fresh fries from Friethoes
  • Chicken nuggets
  • Mayonnaise & ketchup
  • Ice cold ice cream racket / pear ice cream

Kids BBQ

€18,53 pp

  • Chicken satay skewer
  • Beef burger
  • Grilled corn on the cob
  • Fresh baguette with dips
  • Grilled vegetables
  • Fresh white cabbage salad

Price children's party HIP HIP HURRAY

- 2 activities of 1 hour
- free unlimited lemonade
- free bag of chips

Children's party HIP HIP HURRAY

  • 3 hour
  • 6

45,91 p.p. Excl. VAT (50,04 incl. VAT)

Children's party HIP HIP HURRAY with kids menu

  • 3 hour
  • 6

54,62 p.p. Excl. VAT (59,54 incl. VAT)

What others think of us

Melissa Niet
Melissa Niet
Boga Smith
Boga Smith
Shyno Raphael
Shyno Raphael
The staff members are very friendly and responsive and were very flexible. Although the VR room wasn’t ready due to technical issues, they offered the kids the chance to play laser tag and use the arcade plus they offered the parents drinks on the house. When the VR problems were fixed, the time was extended so that the children would have the time they were meant to. I would recommend this place.
Laura Romero
Laura Romero
Vind het nu, met de coronamaatregelen veel beter. Niet zo belachelijk druk meer, en overzichtelijk. Meiden die er werken ook vriendelijk en behulpzaam.
Super leuke plek om een kinderfeestje te vieren. De escape rooms waren een succes en op de plek zelf vermaken de kinderen zich ook goed. Vriendelijk personeel!
P van R
P van R
Mijn nichtje heeft hier een super leuk lastertag kinderfeestje gehad! Enthousiast personeel en wij komen zeker terug volgend jaar. Bedankt!
Nina Romp
Nina Romp
Fleurk Koopal
Fleurk Koopal
Chesly Kaper
Chesly Kaper