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Bubble football children’s party

Surrounded by a huge plastic bubble you will battle with your opponent, which one of you will come out as the winner during this blown-up bubble football children’s party? In one of our three bubble football arenas you will compete against each other. In one corner, team red, in the other corner team blue who are rolling impatiently to capture the ball. Bounce, boink, roll and pop around during this active and cool activity. The bubble you are in is equipped with a safety belt, so you are safely in the bubble. This allows you to into the other contenders. But remember, in the end it all revolves around the ball. Do you know how to win during this crazy party? Afterwards, when all is said and done and the victor emerges from the pitch, catch your breath with a bag of crisps and unlimited lemonade/water.


Our children’s parties are offered in three packages, all including lemonade and a bag of chips. The content of the three packages can be found below.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. Can I bring a birthday cake myself?
    At a children’s party, yes, please bring your own plates, napkins and forks and take them home again.
  2. Can I bring other refreshments?
    No, we sell drinks and crisps. Lunch or BBQ can be ordered in advance.
  3. Are there fixed starting times?
    Yes, all activities have fixed start and end times. This way you can easily enter into a second or third activity after an activity.
  4. Can I change the number of children at a later stage?
    Yes, until seven days before the party it is no problem. Between seven days before the event and the day of the event, more children can be added (if spaces are available). The number of children that is known to us 7 days before the start of the party is also the minimum amount that we will charge.
  5. Can we organize activities ourselves?
    No, you can sit outside or inside when the children play outside. However, organizing activities yourself without explicit permission from UP Events is not permitted.
  6. Is archery tag dangerous?
    No, archery tag is not dangerous in itself. The children receive a safety briefing beforehand, if they stick to it, the risks are limited. If there are special health risks, always report this to us and the supervisor.
  7. How many children are allowed to participate?
    Archery Tag is suitable for 6 children up to 500 children at once.
  8. How long before do I have to be present for the activity?
    We recommend to be present 15-30 minutes before the start of the activity.
  9. How long does the Bubble Football children’s party last?
    The Archery Tag children’s party consists of 75 minutes of Archery Tag and before and after you can order lemonade and/or crisps and bring your own cake and presents.
  10. Is there a place to unwrap presents?
    Yes, we ensure that there is a place to sit and unwrap presents.

Children's Party Amsterdam Hip

Kids Birthday: Hip

Kids party Hip consists of the following activities and extras:

The price of this Kids party is €22,50 incl. VAT per child (minimum of 6 kids).

Children's Party Amsterdam Hip Hip

Kids Birthday: Hip Hip

Kids party Hip Hip consists of the following activities and extras:

The price of this Kids party is €35,- incl VAT per kid. (minimum of 6 kids).

Children's Party Hip Hip Hurray

Kids Birthday: Hip Hip Hurray

Kids party Hip Hip Hurray consists of the following activities and extras:

The price of this Kids party is €45,- incl. VAT per child (minimum of 6 kids).